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Ausschnitte & Interview Ludger Vollmer (Video) Theater Hagen 2011 (Kopie)

Vollmer places great emphasis on the development of rhythmic melody. His work, often constructed using large forms, is primarily based on patterns and modal structures. Often monophonic, his work draws inspiration from non-European music, as well as archaic European music. He is constantly seeking to reflect and develop the psychological dynamics found in different social circumstances.

Vollmer's music reflects a fascination with melodic drive, "pulsating rhythm" (Thueringische Ladeszeitung) fluent tempi, and a clear understanding of form. Taking as his priority the development of melody, Vollmer's music consciously sets itself apart from current mainstream Western European traditions. \

As an opera composer, Vollmer has pioneered a new dramatic structure which uses modern cinematic editing techniques as well as drawing inspiration from the troubadors of the Middle Ages. This structure, called F.R.A.M.E., empowers his operatic settings with a tremendous fluency. As a result, his work is also greatly admired for it's ability to reach out to younger generations.

Note example: MY LOVE IS AS A FEVER (String Quartet Shakespeare), 2. Satz, T.53- 61 (s.a."Sound clips - chamber music")

Explanations: MY LOVE IS AS A FEVER and compositional technique by Ludger Vollmer