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"Ludger Vollmer is considered the most performed contemporary opera composer in the German-speaking world." (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

"Ludger Vollmer's music pulls, pulls, captivates. From the very beginning you are drawn into it... There is an unconditional passion in everything the composer Ludger Vollmer does" (WDR 3)

In his operas, Vollmer uses west-eastern scales and a dramatically accelerated dramaturgy driven by the pace of today's aesthetics.

"The City of Weimar thanks Ludger Vollmer, the passionate composer and musician, who works in his works for the reduction of prejudices against minorities and for cultural diversity. He succeeds in his compositions again and again to build bridges between cultures. He sets standards as an artist and as a human being with a signal effect for Germany." (Certificate text for the award of the Weimar Prize 2014)

Weimar Prize 2014 - acceptance speech

European Tolerance Award and Der Faust for opera "Head-On"

"Minutes of applause, hoots, whistles from an audience that could never have experienced anything like this before! That was the result of this almost three-hour performance ... it should ... point to ... a core area of our culture. " This is Ludger Vollmer with the help of many like-minded people succeeded. " Herrmann Habitz, Der Neue Merker, Vienna

The opera GEGEN DIE WAND was awarded the European Tolerance Prize 2009 on 14.2.2009.
The Stuttgart staging of this opera (director Neco Celik) won the German theater prize DER FAUST 2011.

chamber music

"The sparkling with wit Ludger Vollmer discovered magical sounds (and) sequences of sound with suggestive floating intervals ... The love of the Faust Quartet to the fragile, expressive sounds of the piece was unmistakable ..." (Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung)

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Ludger Vollmer's works have been performed and broadcast in many European countries, the Far East, Australia, Central America and the USA.

"... a storm of emotions ... the audience was more than enthusiastic ..."
(El Siglo de Torreon, Mexico)