by Ludger Vollmer

New DVD productions!

The composition of the first original orchestral music to accompany the live accompaniment to the silent film classic LOST WORLD (1925) by Harry O.Hoyt, the father of King Kong and great-grandfather of Jurrassic Parc, is currently being produced by Rondeau Productions Leipzig for ARTE. The "masterful score" (Offenbach Post), which premiered in April 2023, was a commission from the city of Offenbach and the European Film Philharmonic. Stefanos Tsialis leads the Capitol Symphony Orchestra, which performs with “dedication and tonal intensity” (FAZ). - Rondeau Productions is also producing an album with the CONCERT FOR VIOLIN, DEEP STRINGS, WINDS AND DRUMS, which was premiered in 2022 by Gernot Süßmuth and the Staatskapelle Weimar. On the same album comes the Violin Concerto by Ludwig van Beethoven, with cadenzas by Ludger Vollmer.

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